Monday, July 4, 2011

Beware; “AfPak” means Pakistan after Afghanistan….

Everything has a price; so has the friendship. And Pakistan’s friendship with China is no exception. Pakistan is like a symbol of honor for the US; a sweetheart in typical South Asian context where the lover cannot reconcile to share him/her with anyone and would rather have her killed to save his honor. The same thing is happening with Pakistan. Its friendship with China will cost her so dearly that it faces the perils of disintegration at the hands of the US. This is the conclusion of a recent report of Center for Research on Globalization which appeared in According to the paper, in the ‘Great Game’  for global hegemony, any country that impedes America’s world primacy – even one as historically significant to America as Pakistan -  may be sacrificed upon the altar of war. It was reported in these pages that Pakistan’s current troubles with India and the USA have their roots in its all-weather friendship with China. 
The report which appeared in two parts examines the changing views of the American strategic community towards Pakistan. The strategists base their analysis on their assumption, in fact a sinister desire that Pakistan will very likely continue to be destabilized and ultimately collapse. American military and intelligence community is trying very hard to translate their desire into reality. The report does not mention the role of Pakistani media who have clear leaning to and sympathies for both the USA and Taliban, and the opportunist and corrupt politicians very excited at the first-ever opportunity of military-bashing. These two “pillars of power” are aiding the intelligence community of the USA and Taliban to break up the country to prove the prophecies of doom. In December of 2000, the CIA released a report of global trends to the year 2015, which stated that by 2015, Pakistan will be more fractious, isolated, and dependent on international financial assistance. It further predicted that Pakistan will not recover easily from decades of political and economic mismanagement, divisive politics, lawlessness, corruption and ethnic friction. The situation will be worsened by political elite and radical Islamic parties. The latter will increase their role in national politics and alter the makeup and cohesion of the military – once Pakistan’s most capable institution.

Everything is taking place strictly according to the script authored by the CIA. All the actors, political elite, Pakistani Taliban and the media are performing their respective roles faithfully. The report concludes that the destabilization of Pakistan has the potential to be the greatest geopolitical catastrophe since WWII.

The report says that war in Afghanistan is inherently related to the situation in Pakistan. After attacking Afghanistan in 2001 with Pakistan’s cooperation, the war theater has now been renamed “AfPak” altering Pakistan’s role. The war has brought instability to Pakistan and the “AfPak” eliminates its role as a proxy state and makes it a target of US fury. This is, particularly, a cause for India to rejoice because destabilized Pakistan will bring multiple benefits to India including preventing China from gaining the port of Gwadar. According to Indian Defence Review, it would not only be a severe jolt to China’s expansionist aims, it would open up India’s access to Central Asian energy routes.

There are public perceptions in South Asia and elsewhere that 9/11 took place to give the USA an excuse to secure Central Asian routes through occupying Afghanistan. This was a dream of corporate America and for this purpose, Pakistani Taliban (TTP) were created to complete the agenda of Pakistan destabilization. According to an interview with ex-DG ISI referred to in the report, these Taliban are getting aid and weapons from across the Durand line, from Afghanistan where Indian and Israeli secret services have a strong presence under the umbrella of the US. 

Pakistani military is fighting a pitched battle to save Pakistan from the US agents (Pakistani Taliban aided and equipped by USA, India and Israel). In order to break its resolve to safeguard the national interest, it is being put under tremendous pressure from every corner. In wars, the armies are supported but in Pakistan it is being criticized which proves the point that the enemies are bent upon disintegrating Pakistan through destabilization being caused by Taliban, media and politicians. The military, which is the last rock between survival and disintegration of the country, is being weakened by media and opportunist politicians who call themselves as state pillars. Will the endgame of India succeed or the people support the military through fighting these so called crumbling pillars? Trust me, if these are pillars of the State, then the future of the people of Pakistan is not very bright.

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  1. Every country which is at war has unconditional support of its people, politicians and media for its armed forces but things are unusual in Pakistan. Pakistan's military is fighting a war of country's survival but corporate media and corrupt politicians are busy stabbing the armed forces in the back. Has this war been already won by terrorists and their financiers through Pakistan's own media and politicians?

  2. You "MUST" stop watching too much of Fox News or CNN or becoming a mouthpiece of the "war-mongering" Obama Administration in USA. Taliban are NOT terrorists and terrorists are those who are occupying other people's countries and confusing (a.k.a. "buying") its own strategists who don't even have any clue what they are talking about. Pakistan was created to serve Islam, not secularism. And this "blah blah blah" about "fundamentalism" alongwith seeing every Muslim with a beard, praying 5 times a day, as a "TERRORIST", this NON-SENSE needs to stop. You are doing a disservice to the people of Pakistan and Muslims all across the world spreading mis-information about Pakistan, Pakistanis and Muslims. War on terror is a "war on Islam". Whenever you'd be wise enough to know that, you can definitely pick up a pen and start writing about it. Until then, you are as childish as Fox or CNN. :) pathetic waste of a brain!

  3. @Amir. Do you mean to say that those targeting innocent civilians in Pakistan should be given a free hand because they are fighting a war of Islam? What an absurd logic! The terrorists have only one faith; create terror to achieve political space. These are animals and have nothing to do with any religion, let alone Islam.

  4. @Amir,u want to say Talibans r saints under whom afganistan was progressing??its come as no surprise that only three nation has diplomatic relations with talibans which includes pakistan,so maybe ur definition of terrorism is vastly different from others